Sanborn Central Rebels

Rebel Booster Club

The mission of the Rebel Booster Club is to promote and support school academic and athletic activities by encouraging public support and participation.

Concession Stand
The Rebel Booster Club will again manage the concession stand for the volleyball, football and the basketball seasons. Parents of students in Grades 6-12 will be asked to work in the concession stand for one evening.

The Booster Club uses the proceeds from this project to pay for requests for student enrichment and recognition throughout the school year. In order to make this a profitable venture for the Booster Club we request that all fundraising in the school commons area or football field during ballgames, using food related items, be approved by the Booster Club before the event. We want to make sure that whatever is sold does not compete with the items being offered from the concession stand itself unless approved first.

Application for Membership
Please consider being a member of the Rebel Booster Club. Dues are only $20.00/year/family. Your contributions are needed and appreciated.

Requests for Funds
The Rebel Booster Club will take requests for funds periodically during the school year. Decisions and notification of fund distributions will be made within a month of each application submission.

Here is a list of funds that have been distributed since the inception of the Rebel Booster Club:

  • Vo-Ag Program/Lowell Perman: $250 (filtration system)
  • 6th Grade Social Studies/Dianne Selchert: $33 (Rosetta Stone)
  • School Library/Sheryl Ischen: $85 (shelves)
  • Yearbook Staff/Annika Russell: $220 (digital camera)
  • Elementary K-5/K-5 Teachers: $237.67 (Pavilion field trip)
  • Middle School Language Arts/ Wanda Swenson: $300 (audio tapes and paperback books)
  • Extracurriculars/Linda Whitney: $1876.70 (SC Letters for letterwinners)
  • High School and Middle School/ Linda Whitney & Connie Vermeulen: $500 (Awards Night expenses)
  • Football/ Brian Daughters: $700 (Sprinkler for school grounds)
  • K-5 Book-It Rebel Readers Program: $150 (incentive items)
  • K-8 Children's Theatre: $400 (Children's Theatre of SD for Spring '05 production)
  • Post Prom Committee: $250 (Improv group for Spring '05 Post Prom party)
  • Parent Action Team: $50 (Back to School Night door prizes for Fall '06)
  • Character Counts Program/Jennifer Chance: $300 (incentive prizes)
  • Rebel Readers Program: $150 (incentive items for 2006-07)
  • Parent Action Team: $500 (Tell It To Me Straight Dinner)
  • Sanborn Central Health Council: $125 (CPR training for 8th grade students)
  • Post Prom Committee: $200 (Post Prom party supplies)
  • Parent Action Team: $50 (Back to School Night door prizes for Fall '07)

In addition to the items listed above, the Rebel Booster Club has also made many other contributions:

  • Fund raising activities for new school building project
  • Sold Rebel caps, visors and apparel
  • Bought Sanborn Central lanyards that were given out to students and staff
  • Gave away magnets with new school address and phone/fax numbers
  • Manages/maintains the concession stand for all events
  • Donated Rebel apparel to Gunnar Becker family
  • Holds frequent Rebel Booster Club Nights with supper specials at home ballgames
  • Donated to Sanborn County Cancer Society
  • Donated various door prizes for Back to School Nights
  • Provided chicken dinners from Sal's for Teacher Appreciation meals
  • Donated $22,500 towards new Sports Complex
  • Donated $2,000 towards storage shed and PA system
  • Gave $100 to each of 27 certified teachers to be used in classrooms
  • Donated $5,000 for landscaping in front of the school

These are the current Rebel Booster Club officers. Feel free to contact any of them with your ideas, suggestions or question.

  • Melissa Ettswold - President
  • Tambi Wormstadt - Vice President
  • Ashly Uecker - Secretary
  • Jerilyn Moody - Treasurer